What Is Conversix And Why Is It Unique?

Conversix provides B2B prospect lists of your exact ideal client profile (ICP) so you can execute effective cold outreach for lead generation.

We’re unique because all of our lists come with hyper-personalized first lines to include in your outreach messages, specific to each prospect. And we deliver lists within 24 hours.

If you build lists in-house

These are some of the issues and pain points we observed, both from running an agency ourselves and talking to hundreds of agency owners and sales professionals:

  • Spending time gathering lists from databases sucks
  • Organizing into spreadsheets sucks
  • Getting first lines written sucks
  • Having undeliverable # or emails sucks
  • Going back and forth with a VA sucks
  • Waiting for the contacts sucks

If you currently use a 3rd party list building service

Of course many of the people we talked to use existing 3rd party list building services for their cold outreach. This is what we saw there:

  • Slow turnaround times
  • Inaccurate data, high bounce rates
  • Bad support, no flexibility
  • Outdated data
  • No first line customization

We’re the first and the best

Hopefully, this article has made clear the difference between existing solutions on the market and what Conversix specializes in.

We’re here to chat anytime if you have any questions at hello@conversix.com or on a quick demo call.