I’m Very Picky, What Is The Quality Of The First Lines?

We understand this is a touchy subject. You want your first lines to be relevant and creative, because otherwise they just don’t get the same results.

You may be married to the idea that it needs to be a human being that writes every first line and does manual research.

We understand. As agency owners ourselves, we have seen the low-quality first lines you’re worried about and are as concerned about quality (and quantity) as you are.

Here are a few details to put your mind at ease and to give FULL TRANSPARENCY:

We DO use AI to generate our first lines

But it is the highest quality first line AI output on the market!

Here are a few of the data points our AI researches for first lines (with examples):

Personal data

This does not sound cold or robotic, believe us.

Instead of something like: “love that you’re a digital marketer with a great track record”.

We would output something like: “I read that you like to go surfing with your son in your free time, That sounds like a great way to bond. What’s your favorite place to surf?”

Case studies

We look for case studies on your prospect’s website so we can start the conversation with even more relevance. We focus on specific achievements and outcomes as much as possible to show we’ve really done our research:

“Congratulations on the 61% conversion rate of qualified inbound meetings to opportunities for Segment. Not many can pull that off.”

Blog posts

We look for recent blog posts from your prospects as well.

“I love your blog post about measuring conversions in Google Ads. I’ve always wondered the best way to do that.”

Recent news

We only focus on GOOD recent news (no bad news) to mention in your cold outreach.

“Just read on Newswire that you’re number one on Shareablee’s new branded video top-ten rankings. Congrats!”

We manually verify every prospect and first line

Not only do we use the best AI first line technology on the market – our team manually verifies that each first line is relevant and high quality for your outreach.

This ensures you get the best quality B2B prospect lists on the market and, most importantly, get ROI results for your clients.

More questions on the subject? Book a call with our team and we’re happy to answer any more questions you have.