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Welcome to Conversix, your go-to B2B lead generation sidekick! We’re all about fuelling your sales outreach with hyper personalised, verified contact lists. Bye-bye, list-building headaches—hello, closing deals!

Our data wizards craft tailor-made contact lists, sent at warp speed (within 24 hours) to your inbox. Because who has time for slowpokes, right?

So, buckle up and join us on a wild ride to sales and marketing stardom. With Conversix by your side, we’ll conquer the B2B universe, one lead at a time!

Order your list and complete your targeting persona builder.

Manually Verified

Our squad's got your back, double-checking every contact to ensure it's the perfect match for your ICP. No more hit or miss, just pure lead bliss.

Direct Dials

When push comes to shove, cold calls still rock. Score direct dial digits for your lists without spending an extra dime. Now, that's a win-win!


Skyrocket those reply rates by up to 30%! With expertly researched icebreakers for every contact, you'll be sparking conversations left and right.

24 Hour Delivery

Time's a-tickin'! Snag your custom B2B contact list in a mere 24 hours when you order now. No more waiting, just pure networking magic.

Valid Email Addresses

Bounced emails? Not on our watch. Count on our lists for guaranteed deliverability, making every connection count.

LinkedIn URLs

Seamlessly sync our lists with your top LinkedIn automation tool and go full omni-channel for that A+ outreach. It's all about results!

Simple + Scalable

Use Cases


You're a busy recruiter looking for companies that are actively hiring in a specific location and industry, you also need the direct dials, emails and decision makers based on target job titles

Software Development

Software and technology are massive industries but being able to dive deep into the technology profiles of millions of companies with Conversix is simple, Conversix can search companies based on over 9000+ tech stacks and provide you with accurate contacts details and company insights


Looking for companies that have just raised capital? Conversix gathers data on thousand of companies that have or are preparing funding rounds.

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How it works

First step

Place an order

Choose how many contacts you need and input a payment method.

Second step

Onboarding form

Fill out our quick onboarding form so we know your targeting criteria.

Final step

Delivered in 24 Hours

Our team delivers your list, with first lines, via email within 24 hours.

Our mission is to empower agencies and sales teams with accurate, personalized B2B contact lists.

You didn’t start your agency to deal with endless spreadsheets, expensive freelancers, and missed deadlines. Let us handle the list building, so you can focus on getting ROI from your campaigns.

Focus on high value activities, not data

Spend your time where it’s most valuable, not chasing freelancers, organizing spreadsheets, and dealing with complicated software.

Ensure your data will get ROI results

Bad data = bad client results. Avoid the stress and embarrassment by working with B2B data experts.

Don't waste time & money on bad B2B data

We hate seeing agency owners and sales professionals lose money and (more importantly) time with inaccurate B2B data and slow freelancers.

Scale without worrying about data & lists

Imagine running campaigns, focusing on return on investment, and never worrying about B2B contact lists ever again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make a payment, fill out our simple onboarding form, and receive your manually verified, personalized contact list in 24 hours.

Personalizing the first lines of your cold outreach emails or LinkedIn messages will boost reply rates as much as 30% over sending the same generic message over and over

Yes. Each contact has well researched personalized first lines for your cold outreach.

Each contact on our lists is manually verified by human beings to be in line with your ideal customer.

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500 Contacts ($1.00 each) $500.00

1,000 Contacts ($0.80 each) $800.00

3,000 Contacts ($0.66 each) – $2000.00

5,000 Contacts ($0.60 each) – $3000.00